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    Writing about the Outdoors


    My 2013 resolution was to improve my writing skills. I was usually able to block off three or four mornings a month and learned I enjoy the process immensely.

    Does anyone else enjoy writing about their time in the out-of-doors? Not simply the post-kill write up, but the outdoor experience as a whole?

    Do any of you veteran writers have any advice for someone who is looking to improve their writing? I purchased and read "Elements of Style" and thanks to the absence of a tv, read outdoor magazines [including both Eastmans Mags] and books regularly. Aldo Leopold, Sigurd Olson and Hemingway have been the folks I've enjoyed reading the most.

    Happy hunting!
    [And happy writing!]

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    Guud pitures help a lot. Remember too allwaze wurk on yur spelling and using the rite puntuashun. Their iz nothing more annoying then reeding posts and storys written by peeple with bad spelling and grammer. Lyke when someone telz u they were stocking and antelope in their stalkings, when it shuld actually bee they were stocking an antelope in their butes.

    That is a neat ambition d.kerri. I hope you a lot of success in it! I have had 3 stories published. I have to run to take my kids on an outing, but maybe I can add something more constructive later.
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    I have the great job of helping the writers for the Eastmans' journals read their best and correcting any errors in their work. The best advice I can give you is what great writers I have heard interviewed advise aspiring writers to do, which is "read, read, read."

    Read great outdoor writers like London, O'Connor and Ruark. You should also read good outdoor magazines. You don't want to parrot anyone's style but it will help if you can figure out what you specifically enjoy about a story or a writer's style and try your hand at incorporating it in your own writing. Get feedback from people that will be really honest with you. Try to get people who read a lot.

    I like to see crisp, tight writing that moves along quickly and has some excitement that pulls the reader in and help him feel like he's there or wishes he was. It often helps to tell the story out loud first.

    Try to avoid the most common story formats. Keep it informal and fun. A little humor helps a lot and is unfortunately pretty rare in outdoor magazines.

    Include things that guys can relate to from their own hunts but be sure to include what made your experience exciting, fun or meaningful. A little dialogue is good. Avoid clichés. Pay attention to the Word spelling and grammar checker.

    Humility is a necessity. Communicate respect for the outdoors, the opportunity and the game you're after. Be grateful for those who taught or helped you.

    When you have something written, set it aside, then come back and edit it. Repeat. Repeat again...

    I think the guys on here would be happy to recommend their favorite outdoor writers. Colorado Cowboy has several times mentioned a writer he likes a lot.
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    Read a ton and make friends with an English teacher who likes to read hunting stories....I married one and she does a good job proof reading mine! Its a blast to write stuff and sometimes opens you eyes to things outdoors you wouldn't notice otherwise!

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