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The distortion will be easy to see.

Put a straight line (like a power pole) in the center of the field and move it toward the edge by panning the scope. You will see it appear to bend as you move the scope.

Warning***** When you start looking for these things, you will end up seeing them all the time!!!!
Great. Like I need to pick apart a several thousand dollar piece of equipment!!!! I can here my wife now. "Why do you need to spend that money if something is wrong with it"......maybe I'll keep this to myself, just like the price!

On a slightly side note I did like the vortex until I got it in low light and had it next to the cabelas and the swarovski's. I quickly noticed a difference of 1-2 resolution lines in the 15-30 minute window after sunset. Ideally I would like to own the best of the best but how much of a difference will I notice when looking at deer or elk size game at 1+ miles. Unfortunately where I am at I don't have the ability to be spying on deer (or elk for that matter) from much more than 500-700yds.