I was wondering how many of you Oregon sheep nuts had heard about ODFW killing 5 recently transplanted California Bighorns. John Day's District Bio made the call to have 5 sheep shot because for a short time they were in the same area as a small (8 head) bunch of domestic sheep in a fenced in pasture. No documentation that they even made contact and its unlikely they did. This happened last spring or winter, can't recall for certain. It didn't set to well with a lot of the locals. The area is on the John Day river between Picture Gorge and Kimberly, probably 20 miles of some of the best sheep habitat in Oregon. Ryan Torland, the biologist, says he has no plans to supplement the herd and there is only one mature (3 year old?) ram left with the ewes. Seems like a waste to me, both in the loss of the animals and time and money spent to put those sheep there. Torland has been trying to transfer out of the area which my contribute to his 'oh well' attitude.