I've been sitting in a very cold treestand off and on all of April trying to kill a big spring bear with my bow but yesterday I had a change of heart. I had taken my old Winchester Model 94 into a gunsmith to get my new 2.5X Leupold Scout scope mount installed and it happened to be done late yesterday afternoon. After a quick dinner I ran out and got it dialed in at 100 yards. It only took ten shots and the last 3 were in the money but man that little sucker kicks!

I headed into a spot that's always seemed like a good place to try and call a bear in as I was tired of sitting and waiting and wanted to try and make something happen. I hadn't been calling for over a minute when I saw black movement off to my left at about 110 yards and I thought for sure he was coming in! Well he ended up sitting down on his haunches at around 100 yards and staring off in the direction of the sound. The problem was there was some brush blocking a clear shot so I called away trying to draw him closer to no avail. Finally about 30 minutes before dark I layed off the calling to see if he would move enough to present a shot and it worked perfect. He originally headed to cover and it looked like I wouldn't be getting a shot but he turned back to the left and walked out into the open and I finally saw just how big he was. Turned out my first guess was correct he was a pretty good bear! 6.5 feet long and around 400 pounds (just an estimate). I hit him perfect the first shot but since I was using my old level action I took another shot at him when he bolted but it wasn't neccesary as he only made it about 20 yards. The old 30-30 came thru with my longest shot ever on a bear.

I have to say I couldn't be happier with the Scout scope setup I went with on that old Winchester! I killed a few bucks with it back when I was 12 and 13 but it's been sitting in the closet for years as I'm not much for shooting with open sights and I could never stand the side mount scope set up I tried on it years ago.

Anyhow here he is.......