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    Mule deer are great to eat! As so many said you just need to take proper care of the meat. I think where a lot of folks make a mistake with mule deer, antelope, elk, whitetail, sheep, or anything else is they COOK IT TOO MUCH! Wild game has almost no fat marbled in the meat like a beef and all of the fat on the outside is removed as that "can add a wild taste to the meat".

    I feel that it needs to be medium rare with some pink in the middle. It dries out and gets tough just like any other meat does if you cook it too much.
    This is my favorite way to cook wild game meat. Chicken fry it!!!
    1. Mix up several eggs with some milk in a glass or plastic bowl. Don't use metal as it can impart a metallic taste to the meat. Stir this mixture up.
    2. Take thawed wild game steaks and put them in the egg/milk mixture and make sure the meat is covered in it. Cover with a piece of plastic and put the bowl back in the fridge for a couple of hours. It is not necessary to let the meat soak like that but I have read that the enzymes in milk help break down the meat possibly making it more tender.
    3. Take a tube of Ritz crackers and begin by crushing them up while they are still in the tube by hand. This does a pretty good job. Then when you think they are crushed good enough put the crushed crackers on a large flat plate.
    4. Have a skillet heated to medium- medium high with vegetable oil and butter in the pan.
    5. Take the steak and make sure it is coated good with the egg mixture and pull it out of the bowl and dredge it in the cracker crumb coating both sides of the steak. Put the steaks into the frying pan. Cook until the cracker crumb is starting to get golden brown on one side and then flip the steaks over and cook the opposite side the same way. You still want just a bit of pink in the middle, and they will turn out that way if you get the cracker crumb just lightly brown. Once you do it a couple of times it's real easy to tell if the meat is done by how the cracker crumb is looking on the outside.
    6. Put some salt and pepper on them and you are good to go. There will be some egg and cracker pieces that might fall off the meat in the pan. Mix some water in the pan and bring it to a boil and make some gravy out of it and it will taste awesome on your mashed potatoes!!!
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