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    Here is something to keep in mind and that has to do with the "T" version or the non "T" version.

    I had bought the 400T as my last GPS back in 2009 and used the heck out of it. This year when doing research for a new GPS what I learned is that the "T" means the GPS is preloaded with topo data. You also pay more for the "T" version than the non "T" version.

    The with the "T" version, the topo data is lower resolution than what you get with the Hunting GPS cards. I decided to save some money, so I bought an Oregon 450 (non-T version) and used the money savings to buy a Hunting GPS card for Oregon. That way I now have better topo data as well as land status data (public/private ownership).

    The only thing I have heard about the "T" version is the road data is better than what you get with the Hunting GPS cards, and I think this may be true.

    I use my GPS extensively and probably make 20-30 entries on it in a day of hunting. I am marking everything….where I see game, where sign is, where springs are, where game trails are, where I parked, etc. I often carry my laptop in my pick-up with Google Earth loaded in the cache and make entries on it when I get back to the truck. The 450 has all I need.
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