After doing some research on Kuiu I realized their headquarters and showroom is only about an hour and 15 minute drive from me so I went up there today to check it out. I have bought Sitka in the past but I haven't been too impressed with their quality control lately, i.e. seams busting after very little use and pressed pockets falling off very quickly.

Today I was able to check out and every item that Kuiu has in their lineup. They do a good job of having every size of every item in their store as showpieces for people who visit them, including stack of gloves, boots, and all their packs. Everything I looked at was top knotch quality, comfort, and weight; not to mention very quiet. I also got to meet the owner Jason and his wife as well as a bunch of their employees. They are top quality people and were content to sit and talk hunting and gear with me all day. I ended up picking up some new merino wool base layers and a regular t-shirt. Next on the hit list is a guide jacket and a pair of guide pants.

I usually don't post stuff like this but I felt compelled to after the experience I had today. I am also curious what everyone else thinks about their gear and what Kuiu gear you all are using.