Well I headed to Ohio thanksgiving night to get there and start hunting the following morning. I was successful doing this last year so tried to repeat. I arrived Friday morning with enough time to put me in my ground blind 45 min before shooting light. As I sat there in the dark waiting for light I could hear deer moving around me in the crunchy snow. As sun started to rise I was watching several deer on the opposite hill side feeding and chasing. There was one group that was hanging together most of the time. They consisted of a 6 does a spike and a big 9 I had on trail cam. One of the yearling does must have been coming into heat as the big 9 would chase her for about 10-15 yards and quit and the same with the spike, The spike tried to mount her several times but she would run off. Another 8 point came in to check her out but the big 9 quickly ran him off. I'm not sure why he was letting the spike hang around unless he wasn't worried about him? They came by at about 60 yards several times, but not any closer. I was on pins and needles every time they would head my direction. Twice a couple of the fawns would split off and come with in 20 yards of my blind but just turn and head back to the group. Finally at 12:30 the spike chase the one doe by me and the other does followed, along with the big 9. Well every where he stopped he was in brush or behind a tree. He was very nervous about my blind as he was staring me down several times. Finally he made his way across an opening at 22 yards. I softly grunted and he paused just long enough for me to send a muzzy mx-4 right behind the front shoulder. He ran 45 yards and piled up, I was able to see him pile up. This is the second good buck I have taken off this property. I had a couple trail cams of this buck and they didn't do him justice. Awesome part is he has a brother out there almost as big, just missing the kickers off the G2's. This buck is just a beast with 13-1/2" G2's and 11" G3's, and he dressed 248#'s. He was well worth the drag.