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Thread: 2013 bow muley

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    That's a great buck, ND, CO, WY, anywhere for that matter!

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    Very Nice BUCK Congradulations.....

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    Thanks all. It was a the luckiest half hour of hunting I've had. I had a week long trip panned to help my younger brother fill his whitetail rifle tag. On the 5th day of our hunt we had run out of places to look for whitetails with about 45 minutes left in the day so we decided to try to spot some muleys in an area close by. To my surprise we found this guy chasing some does right next to an oil pumper. I took some video footage of him and some pictures of him then I figured I had better give it a go. I had my brother drop me off a ways back from the oil pumper and ran to the outside edge of the oil pad. Again I was incredibly lucky that this pumper was being run by a generator which worked perfect for a cover noise that let me move freely without worry of the sounds of my footsteps. Once I got to the edge of the pad I noticed a doe on the opposite side of the pad. I was pretty sure she had spotted me as she was looking directly at me and she was implementing the "fake eating" strategy to see if I would move. I stood still as possible and with all the commotion of the generator noise and the pumper movement she eventually kept on her way walking broadside to me at about 50 yards. A few moments later the buck was walking in the same path as the doe. I drew back hoping that the pumper was enough of a distraction that he wouldn't notice. With luck on my side again he didn't even look my way. With the release of the arrow I saw it pass through his lower ribcage and his back legs kick like a bucking bronco. He and the doe ran three steps before they both stood completely still while surveying the situation. A few seconds passed and the buck grew unsteady. The arrow had passed right through his heart. Luck was certainly the factor that tipped the situation in my favor and it didn't end there. Most of the mule deer I've taken require a half a day drag to get back to the pickup. This deer was back to the pickup in two minutes. My luck had rubbed off on my brother the very next morning. His 270 double lunged a decent 135 whitetail. In about half an hour of legal shooting light we both tagged out.

    Not all hunts are as difficult or memorable as one would like it. The hunts where I am challenged physically, emotional, and require the best of all my skills are the hunts I am most proud of. But I also am not above taking a mature deer next to a road as long as it is taken legally.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    That is a cool story and an awesome display for the euro. Congrats again on a great looking buck.

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    Great buck! I love the story. It helps even out all of the times that we have all hunted hard for weeks and ended up with nothing to show for it. I think everyone is due an "easy" buck once in a while!

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