Yesterday I took my Brother in Law out on the back side of west mountain. Saw lots of whitetail, one cow elk that bolted off like a bullet when she saw us, and a couple of coyotes. Took a few pot shots at the coyotes, they were running so all it did was make em run faster! lol.
Then we saw some turkeys about 1000+ yards off. Got in close and tried to call em, then when they didnt say anything back, we drove on down the road, soon to see them right along side us. They took off running, so we drove faster, then they ran faster. Boy they can run. The hens got out in front of us and crossed the road. I punched it and cut off the tom. He ran for half a mile down the road along side of us. He seriously wanted to cross the road to his ladies. I finally stopped and let him go on across and my Brother in Law took this photo of him.

Too bad I didnt have a turkey tag with me.
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