About a year ago I picked up a new bow (2013 Quest Primal) and have had no problems with it until recently. When I purchased it I went through a full setup and made sure it was performing just how I wanted. After shooting it all spring and summer I was more than happy with it and my performance out to 75 yards.

However, recently with the cold weather I've noticed a shift in its performance. Once our temperature started getting below 45░F I noticed I was hitting about 3 inches low at 25 yards and progressively lower. I thought maybe with the cold weather I had shifted my form and release point. After a couple days of this and after inspecting my bow for anything that may have loosened or became misadjusted (and found nothing) I decieded to adjust the sights to reflect my new aiming points. A couple weeks later after another cold spell I noticed my bow shifted low again. So I adjusted the sights again. Now I am experiencing this again. If I move my sights lower again I will have adjusted my whole sight about 3/8" lower.

Any thoughts on what I may be doing or what to look for?