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I personally think the CO hunting boycott is a bonehead idea. As you can see it didn't do anything to damage the state Game and Fish. All a boycott would do, is hurt the good people in Colorado who think like we do. Those people are not the problem in Colorado, its the libs in Denver and Boulder that are the problem. The recall elections are a much, much better idea. The biggest problem in Colorado is the fact that the wrong kind of people have been moving into the state over the last twenty years. Now the good old long time residents that made the state great, are in the minority now. Sad deal for all of our gun loving, backcountry hunting Colorado bothers. -G
Sad but very true. I have a good friend that has moved from Co because of all this crap...and he says the same thing, "We are outnumbered by people that just moved here recently and what to change the state into another California"