Merino wool has amazed me since the first time I tested it. Body temperature control, odor management, comfort and performance, I knew merino was the perfect fabric choice for KUIU’s base layer program.

I did a lot of research sourcing merino for KUIU. What I learned, like other fabrics, not all merino is the same. Just because a products uses merino wool and has a 17.5 micron rating, it does not dictate the quality or consistancy of the fibers in the fabric. As with Toray for outerwear, I wanted to ensure quality, consistency and performance for KUIU. General sourcing of merino from the global market would not guarantee this.

The Merino Company (TMC) based in Melbourne, Australia has been supplying merino wool for over 150 years. TMC has deep-rooted relationships with merino growers throughout New Zealand, Australia, South America and South Africa. This creates distinct supply chain advantage over their competition.

“The TMC approach ensures there is minimal variation in wool quality throughout a supply chain, with transparency, traceability and tight controls from sheep to shelf (S2S).” states TMC

TMC is able to provide a more consistent micron rating in their fabrics. This is important. A 17.5 micron rating is an average and to meet this fabrics will contain a range of fibers from 19.5 to 15.5 microns. TMC is able to supply a fabric with more 17.5 micron fibers. 19.5 micron fibers are not as comfortable and 15.5 micron fibers are not as durable. Thus TMC is able to provide a more consistent fabric which is more comfortable, performs better and lasts longer.

In addition to the supply chain quality advantages, TMC uses the most advanced yarn spinning and knitting technologies available. They offer their customers the widest range of merino wool fabrics on the market. TMC is the innovator in merino wool and leads the market in new fabrics and merino developments. They are eager to work with their customers to develop new products specific to a market. This makes The Merino Company the perfect partner for KUIU.