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    Intro from a new member

    Hi all!

    On other forums it is complementary to introduce oneself, tell a little about yourself and tell a hunting story from the past.
    About me; I live in Eastern Oregon and love it, I was in western Oregon for 12 years prior going to school and getting my life started with a family. I love hunting everything but miss hunting blacktails in the rut (that is my only complaint about being on the east side). I have been a official Oregon measurer for about 11 years,(I have applied to Boone & Crockett a few times) but I really don’t care about becoming a B & C measurer because I really only got into doing it to be able to judge animals better. I believe that Oregon is an underrated state as far as hunting goes as I believe that Oregon can be as good as anywhere in the western United States with a little prep and scouting time but I guess to the naysayers that it works out better for me. I put in for 9 states including Oregon and wish I could put in for all of them but it is just out of my budget at this point in time. I really look forward to drawing some good tags in the future. I am primarily a bow hunter but have hunted all methods (rifle, bow, muzzleloader). I look forward to the day that I finally draw the tag that I have been chasing for 16 years, wenaha bow elk tag, at this point in my life I could draw most any other elk tag in Oregon but for me it is more about being able to tell my grandchildren that I waited patiently for x amount of years to draw the wenaha tag.
    Hunting story;
    I am going to keep the story short but by far the best hunt that I have ever been on and the only tag that I have ever drawn random was my Oregon sheep tag in 2003. I shot a California sheep that scored 175 net even though it is missing 5 inches on its left horn. I have half a slam (other sheep is a dall) my lifelong goal is to one day have a grand slam.
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