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    Lead Sled Stock Saver

    About six month ago I bought a Lead Sled due to too many shoulder surgeries. Maybe this might help some of you guys.

    I sighted in my Sako 7MM Rem Mag with it. The rubber butt plate came off after about a dozen rounds. Then I figured out that there was no place for recoil energy to dissipate. I'm guessing that a rifle's stock as opposed to a shoulder absorbs recoil. So today I bought a 1" rifle recoil pad to place in the stock cradle to absorb recoil. Hopefully it will absorb recoil energy thus saving rifle stocks.

    I did epoxy my rubber recoil pad back in place & there does not appear to be permanent damage.

    If your rifles are not super magnums, the Lead Sled itself weighs enough to eliminate almost all recoil. You ought not need to add additional weight for shooting standard calibers and maybe the 7MM Rem Mag.

    BTW, with a Lead Sled, one can precisely dial in a rifle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SansSouci View Post
    BTW, with a Lead Sled, once can precisely dial in a rifle.
    I couldn't agree more, have all my rifles shooting great with stock ammo using the Lead Sled FCX!



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