I don't know if anyone can answer this question here, but I figured I'd ask anyway.

What town would you prefer to live in as far as the outdoors? Where you could draw a sheep/goat tag and hike in many many miles, without needing to hire a bush pilot, but also able to beat the crowds.(weather it's because of rugged terrain, or just lack of people living there). But also able to drive into town and get at least basic stuff like groceries and gas, etc. I know that no where is perfect. And that probably no where exists like, but maybe!

And also a place that holds bears and sitka deer. Big moose would be a plus as well....and can't forget about some monster rainbows haha.

I'm moving to Alaska is about 2 years. I will be looking for a lineman career. So I was hoping I could get a job with a very rural company. Thanks for reading. Even if you have just visited, respond haha.