Have watched over the years. It seem that the nonresident hunter is losing his right and they is no one to stand up for the nonresident hunter.
The Lobbyist, outfitters are make the rules. The rules say they are no tags in this unit for you!! But will let you apply for this (one) only.
But yet, we as nonresident supply a larger % of their annual budget.

Is there an organization that represents the nonresident hunter?

If there is an organization I would be glad to donate, in the interest of the nonresident hunter. As nonresidents we need to buy our own lobbyist that represents the nonresident hunter is the only way changes will be made.

For instants (the old )to hunt the wilderness Wyoming you must use an outfitter.
Also that can not apply for this tag, in most states 10 % in few units.

In most cases those tags are issued are used on federal lands money.

There's a large %of the nonresidents Hunter's out there that would like the opportunity to hunt some of these units. We all want the same thing the chance to hunt.