Hi all, newbie no nothing here! I've been on here several times over the past yr plus some but have not joined until now. I read a lot of good threads on here and have received a LOT of great info. I'm from PA and came out to CO this past rifle(2nd) for my first elk hunt. Unfortunately I didn't fill my tag and even worse I didn't see an elk. I did however learn a lot from this trip, met some real nice folks and saw plenty of other wildlife! I'm planning on doing it again this yr but I think my partner and I have two different approaches in mind. We did a DIY trip in unit 75, tent camped out of the truck and walked in every day. I realized that we didnt' get far enough off the beaten path for one along with some other learning curves but that's pretty much what I expected the first time. I'm thinking I'd like to try to draw an either sex tag for the first season AND I'd like to get deeper in the mountain. I'm in good shape, I train all yr but gotta say that the altitude was kicking our butts. So, I thought of trying to find a local packer in the next area I decide to hunt in or even look into a drop camp. My buddy is more for the "easy living" but doesn't want to spend the $$ on a outfitter for drop camp. Just curious, but was wondering what some of your thoughts were on this? Thanks!!