just wanted to drop a line to everyone that helped me out on our 4th season elk hunt in unit 11.

original plan was to hike in and spike camp......unfortunately i broke my foot 3 weeks prior to the season (total let down). We went anyway and set up camp on a ridge in the southern portion of the unit. We wanted to stay away from other hunters and were able to do that. First morning we say several cows, no bulls. I saw more mule deer than i could count so that was a blast. Group of 8 came in on me from the side like ninjas and came within 45 yards, so that was awesome to sit an watch. That afternoon we located a bull on a ridge quite a ways away. We planned to traverse to his location the following morning after we watched him bed. Unfortunatley my hunting partner had to cut the trip 2.5 days short for personal reasons, so we never got to go after the bull.....(hard to climb to a bull on crutches, let alone solo.)

attached a couple pics takin from my iphone.

Thanks for all who helped stear us in the right directions. hopefully our mule deer hunt will turn out with meat in the freezer!!

thanks again

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