I have "max" non-resident points in Wyoming for mule deer and elk. My hunting partner, not a mule deer hunter, has "max" elk points. The original idea was to try to draw a coveted elk permit with him and I would wait to attempt a mule deer draw. However, he just found out that he will be attending a three month training next fall and we will not be hunting elk. Because of the change of plans, I am considering applying for a difficult mule deer unit. I want to rifle hunt but do not want to go guided, as required, in one of the wilderness areas. I live in Montana and have great hunting opportunities each year so I do not care if the draw odds are not terrific. Should I keep waiting and let the population and quality recover (read and heard lots of not-so-good reports)? If not, any thoughts or suggestions? Any help is appreciated and I can/will certainly reciprocate with MT hunt info. Good luck as you guys finish out this season. MTnsheds