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    Drop camp

    I was wondering if anyone ever used any of the outfitters in the flat tops wilderness area for a drop camp? As well as wondering what some of your thoughts are on the subject of drop camps. Thanks

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    I have never used one. I have talked to guys that have had good experiences with them. I would do a lot of research on an outfitter before you use one. I would imagine that a drop camp with a bad outfitter would be a miserable week of hunting let alone a lot of money down the pot!
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    If I were going to spend the money on a drop camp it wouldn't be in the flat tops for a couple of reasons.
    1. Even with a drop camp you are not going to really get away from the other hunters because there are just too many and lots of people with horses pack themselves in on top of the huge amount of outfitters in the area.
    2. There are not very many large bulls there and the majority of the bulls are raghorns.
    3. There are many less popular areas with a lot of elk where you could truly benefit from a drop camp and greatly increase your odds of finding a nice bull.
    This is just my two cents but I have hunted in the flat tops with horses for years and there is no escaping all of the people.

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