I went to Colorado elk hunting for the first time.
I had a tag for Unit 8 along with three other guys. Two had tags for 191.
I hunted Saturday evening through Thursday morning at about 9 when we drove home.
I saw about 100 elk over the week. Only one other guy saw a branch antlered bull the entire time.
I feel like my group could have hunted harder than it did and seen more. The two 191 guys saw nothing in their unit.
I saw about five branch antlered bulls but could not close the deal. 400 yards felt like too far for me. I like DRT's.
I could have taken cows and spikes easily.
I was admittedly greedy and tried to get the six point when other legal bulls were closer.
I paid about 2200 total for the experience. Gas, food, lodging, tags, access fees. All in was about 2200

I am seeking comparisons/thoughts/ideas on that experience and will welcome all thoughts.
I was satisfied, quite. It was fun and I had a great time.
I want to know if I should set my sights higher and differently or go back there.