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    Digital photos submissions

    When you finished with your hunt and have photos and a story to submit to the Eastmans Editorial staff what are the best ways to send them in?

    Here's what I do
    Download trophy photos, field photos and story to a stick, flash drive or SD card and send in.

    I've found that when I've tried to email photos in I've only been able to send two or three photos at a time. When there are 20-30 photos that's pretty ridiculous.

    I've also found that in email the photos can be degraded through the matrix of email whether it be from my server having a limit on resolution or file size or theirs.

    So this year we will being pushing for good quality photos from real cameras not cell phones. It blows my mind on how amazing the photos are that come to Eastmans for submittals and can be used because they are cell phone photos. Last year there where two that would have been cover photos of the magazines and had to be tossed because of the low quality from a cell phone.
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    Great way to send pictures in thanks!

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