Hello All,

My first time hunting in New Mexico, so it will be a learning experience.

Just got back from a scouting trip to Unit 26 and was not very encouraging, since I has little luck finding any deer. I did manage to find about a 100 border patrol agents.

Was looking for some advice on where to concentrate more ?

My thoughts are to get in behind the Big Hatchet Wilderness and head down towards Alamo Hueco.

Seen a lot of hunters / campers on the Little Hatchet Mountains, but wasn't to sure on that area, glassed it for hours turning up nothing, unless you hike up them and get on the west side ? Any thoughts on that ?

Then there were the fields north of Animas, and didn't have time to check them in the morning, but if they draw in deer, do they hang in the state land to the west ?

The last area is between the Anderson Mountain and The Gillespie Mountain, drove and glassed and drove some more. Again, how much effort should be put into that area, with seeing no sign.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks and good luck with your hunt...