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My pack for a 3 day hunt without consumables (food,water) and without spotting scope/tripod is 18.5 pounds, that is with a pack that weighs 8.5 pounds. I could very easily shave another 1.5 pounds off of that. No reason to carry 45 pounds on your back into the backcountry any more.
Would you mind sharing your pack list? Are you saying you're really at 10 pounds (18.5-8.5 pack weight) or 18.5 on top of that? When I do my weight I list everything in a spreadsheet, including packweight. I too check it before consumables but then add those in as it is very relevant especially when they're on your back! I'm also assuming you're not counting any hunting weapons, ammo, etc. in your weight and that the pack you use for this example might get heavier in a month or so due to weather? Not challenging, just curious.