My buddy pulled a bull tag for unit 39. We went out around bergen peak on saturday and couldn't find anything, did not even hear a shot fired. The following day we went up squaw pass and went into 3 different areas along the pass, again couldn't find anything. This time we heard shots fired but it seemed like it could have been people just target shooting since there were multiple shots pretty fast. 39 is huge and seems that the eastern part of the unit is mainly private. Can anyone give any tips on where to go in that area? Anyone heard of any elk harvested in that area lately?

Also, I pulled an 4th season either sex tag for unit 44. I am thinking of hunting hardscrabble mountain. I only have 3 days to hunt, it'll be the weekend. Anyone had luck on hardscrabble? My dad told me that on the eastern part of the unit he used to hunt there is an old YMCA camp and he always was able to get an elk. He said that he would get them at 11,000 feet during 3rd or 4th season. This was over 10 years ago. Would this still be a good idea? Any other ideas of where to go in the unit?