Some of You might or might not know, but for years it has been up in the air what is going to happen to management of the Boulder-Whiteclouds Mountains of Idaho (Unit 36a area roughly). Congress has failed to take action and the fear is if nothing is done they will make it a National Park, which isn't good for hunters & anglers.

A new group has formed to push through legislation to make the area a National Monument while keeping management controlled by the state with as little Federal Involvement as possible, preserving it for generations of sportsman to come.

I chukar hunt with John Caywood occasionally, who is heavily involved, and can say without a doubt he has the best interest of sportsman and our future generations in mind.

This area is home to 20% of the Mtn Goat tags in Idaho, 1,000+ elk, enough habitat to support 1,000 bighorn sheep and some true "backcountry" mule deer hunting, not to mention some amazing backcountry fishing as well. It is definitely land worth preserving.

These guys could use a few signatures on their petition to help gain some momentum.

Here is a link to their site if you want to check it out:

Thanks guys!