I am not going to pretend to know anymore about 54 and 55 then the next guy that lives in Colorado. I do know you can also draw a 64 or 65 tag with 3 points. These units are around Montrose and have produced some good bucks as well. If you can wait until the middle of March you can call the biologists and Wardens for all 4 units and find out how bad the winter has been and what condition the herds and bucks are in. Make sure you call both the wardens and biologists because I have found that one is more helpful then the other depending on personality and unit. Sorry I can't help more, good luck. One other option is look for a muzzle loader tag you can draw as a second choice that requires some points to draw as an early season buck tag. You can hunt that unit and use it as a scouting trip for a high country early rifle tag in a year or two.