Any updates on the high country muleys? Still planning on putting in for 55 and 54 archery deer. Can anyone give me a reason to put in for a different area that's been doing better? Sangres maybe??
Well, I've bowhunted them all over the years. I physically scouted the Gunnison Basin units in 2012 and actually set foot in the units..........not just repeated what some others say or reading regurgitated MRS info. The "reason" I can give you is the same as I wrote earlier......the herd has been very slow to rebound after the 07/08 winter kill. It is a long way from what it was and will probably never get back to that level. Does that mean there are no nice bucks in those units? Absolutely not. However the deer population as a whole has been devastated....remember, this herd lost nearly 70% of their over numbers.

I can tell you when I hiked into a few honey hole drainages above timberline in those units I was astonished. In large basins I would traditionally see 20-40 bucks I found only 3 does. This was common on all of the drainages I checked that historically held a lot of deer prior to the winter kill. The entire backpacking trip I saw one good buck (180") and four medium sized bucks (155-160" class). You could see a decent buck, but there are far better ranges with a higher deer population to increase success for archers, IMO.