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    1. Clothing. I put clothes right at the top. I get cold alot easier now then I used to and dont take it very well when I do get cold and I dont glass near as long or well as I could if I get cold. I tend to over dress too. Last week I left 1/2 of them under a tree and got them on my way back that night. LOL
    2.Boots. Feet need to be comfortable when your walking alot.
    3. Sleeping bag/pad, shelter
    4. Head lamp, flash light, emergency kit. I put these 3 together because when its dark you might need all 3. I got stuck about 300 yards from my camp once when my head lamp went out and I didnt have another light. It was a very dark night and cliffs all around me and I wasnt gonna walk off one. I had a bic lighter and a cliff bar wraper in my pocket. Got a fire started and sat by it all night and found camp when it got light.
    5. Optics. Binos, range finder, spotter/tripod
    6. GPS
    7. Pack
    8. Knife
    9. Cook stove
    10. Water filter

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    This is my swag, but I know this could change depending on the hunt. This has really made me think a little.

    1. Sleep system(air pad and air pillow): I have a spine fusion that has all but prohibited any sleep in the back country in the past. It took me a couple tries to find something that works, but now I have it.

    2. Boots: good socks, insoles....

    3. Clothes: proper layering and base layers

    4. Pack(SG Solo): This allows me to carry more water, emergency bivy and tarp, better kill kit to make a heavy first load back to camp. My largest commitment this year for sure.

    5. Tent/Shelter: Nothing matters if your shelter doesn't take care of you and your gear.

    6. Lights, GPS, maps: I group these together because they seem to be one big system to me. We do alot of our hiking in/out at night and even pack outs at night. Just seems to work for us.

    7. Camera: This has always been much higher on the priority. Backcountry hunting tends to move equipment to the front that keeps you warm, dry, and safe.



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