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    Tons of deer here are killed here and taken to the processor just like that. I don't know of any farmed deer around here and the local processor does his in almost the same exact manner, just not as fast. You have to remember that most deer in the east are shot in food plots out of treestands or box blinds. People just walk to the truck, drive to the plot, load up the deer and take it straight to the processor. That's where they skin, gut, and then hang the meat. Before I went out west I had never gutted a deer before hanging and skinning.

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    When I take deer to the processor in NC I take them in whole. They don't charge any extra. If I am going to give the deer to someone I will gut it first.

    If I am going to butcher it myself I'll hang it up whole just like in the video. It's much easier to gut and skin that way. But I hunt only 10 minutes from my house so the deer is still warm.

    Field-dressing, quartering and hauling meat out a few miles is a western thing that I am looking forward to doing more of.



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