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    Nevada needs your help!

    In 2011, NDOW board of Commissioners voted to not allow Blackhorn 209 powder during muzzleloader season. This decision was based on uneducated facts about the powder. They were told it is a smokeless powder which it is not. It has the same classification as other blackpowder substitutes by the United States and United Nations (UN0499) where a smokeless powder carries a designation of UN0161.

    Recently there has been a petition submitted to ndow to legalize Blackhorn 209 powder and now we need your help! Please email your support to the following. I am collecting these emails and submitting them to the NDOW board of Commissioners during the December meeting in Reno, NV.

    Follow this link to find out more!


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    I sent my support even though I'm a NR. Hope it helps!
    "Only two people have died for You and I, The American Soldier died for Our Freedom & Jesus Christ Died for Our Souls!" I thank GOD for them! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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