My hunting group used our prefernce points this year and successfully hunted unit 47. This was our first western hunt of any type and we had an absolute blast! So much so, that a couple of the memebers have suggested trying to hunt again in 2014. I have enlightened them that unit 47 is likely NOT a possibility with 0PP but there would be some options.

Those options of course are drawing a 0PP unit as a 2nd choice while gaining PPs for the future. The other option would be to pick up some left over tags after the draw is complete. As we all know, most of the 0PP units are majority private land or surrounded by private land.

I am considering the Gillette, Sundance and Douglas areas, mainly to stay close enough to major towns for motel access.

My questions for the forum are 1) where does one start in finding a rancher that will allow hunting access for no or little fees? and 2) Does anybody have a lead they would like to share based on a positive past experience in those areas?

Thanks for the help.