Interesting read fellas. I am new to the site and new to the west - 6 years in CO. I will be hunting WY soon - I have 3 points for antelope and 1 for deer. I have found both extremes in info sharing while hunting in CO -very helpful and very tightlipped. I agree that we all cant give out our honey holes as the pressure can ruin it. Also Grizz - CO has done a good job (I think) of managing their deer back from bad winter kills. Specific units and seasons limits pressure as much as possible, all draw. I will be hunting the gunnison area with the rifle this year and I have seen quite a few nice 4x4's while elk hunting.

I was going to pile up points for deer but a comment bout hunting an area freq. to get to know it makes more sense to me. Might apply in 2015 for a deer tag.