We just got back from Y as well. Luckily we all tagged out, but I can tell you one thing...we hunted long, hard, and smart. We did our research (over a years worth) and we had multiple back up plans. We hiked into areas that looked perfect but seen 0 deer, we hunted areas that ended up having more hunters than deer and we seen some good deer killed on public land by the lucky hunter who pulled up to the gate and seen one walking through the field.

One thing that made our trip such a success was we planned to eat tag soup (meaning, we were OK with not killing, we just wanted to have a great time and of course see animals...maybe even shoot a doe for meat if we had too).

One thing I did have trouble with was determining what was a representative animal to shoot in Y. Should I hold out for a 140" or shoot the first fork horn I seen? I couldnt get a biologist, warden, or another hunter to tell me. I was not asking for a secret spot, I just wanted to know what a realistic buck for the area was. Sadly, a lot of younger bucks are harvested in Y. I personally dont have a problem with it, if its legal and makes you happy then go for it. But I think for the sake of the herd, we should let the younger ones walk and hopefully we can all have better hunting.