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    Quote Originally Posted by shootbrownelk View Post
    I agree 100%. Don't let ranchers or their hands BS you, if you know exactly where you are. However, I seriously doubt that any rancher/outfitter would ever get a citation for falsely claiming BLM/State land as private. G&F & Ranchers are just too cozy. IMO.

    The G&F guy in my unit told me the sheriff wrote the trespassing tickets and he stayed out of it. Opening weekend I seen the sheriff plenty of times on most of those roads, poor guy was earning his paycheck that weekend! I guess its like the corner crossing issues, some counties its overlooked while others it is taboo.

    I should stand up more but I only have a short time to hunt and I really dont want it smothered by dealing with some idiots so I just move on. I do resist some, maybe next time (hopefully there never will be a next time) they will catch me in a odd mood and I will stand up and make it a pain for them.

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