I am really fuming! On another website I frequent (not hunting, just shooting) I saw a post that really ticked me off. Let me quote what the writer said in part:
"Seems some of the locals had some extra time on their hands during Labor day and started to hunt a bit early. I gues (sic) they they (sic) decimated a herd they caught a hold of and took some 20-30 bulls and a couple of handfuls of cows too".

He goes on to complain about no wardens and locals stealing the game. The persons posting was a Colorado resident.

I challenged the post with one of my own questioning the authenticity of the post. It just frosts my butt to see someone do something like this that we all know could not be true.There is no way that something like this could have happened. It is just too absurd.

No response from the originator yet. Other shooters who hunt chimed in with the same questions. Can't believe that the poster was just a "troll" because he is a regular.