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    not sure, but I think so.
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    I love mine! Also used it as hiking pole on my CO hunt this year.

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    Yeah it is the one Shokey endorses on his show.
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    Just thought I would follow up on this... So I did indeed get these and really like them. Can't say love them yet just not enough time. I have the taller ones and I was really mixed on which ones to get. I think each have their advantage depending on your style of hunting. What I did not expect was how nice they would be to use while standing and glassing. I fully extend them and it makes glassing with binos MUCH nicer and clearer (less shake).

    The legs are long and this concerns me for 2 reasons, hunting in rocky country and carrying them in my pack. Lucky I use an actual pack frame on every hunt so they are easy to attach. If I used a traditional back pack of any style the only option would simply be to carry them at all times. As for the rocks... I am concerned on getting low enough (legs extended outward) for my spotting scope and only time will tell on that. Having the tripod in the traditional position DOES NOT work for the sitting position and a spotter. They have to be extended out just a little further than a traditional tripod.

    So far so good... Giving it a thumbs up. And I think I have made the right choice on the taller sticks, again, mainly because of standing and glassing, made it very nice.

    Hope this helps someone out there



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