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    I have the 6 person guide tent and spent 2 weeks including 11 days of rain last year in it.
    Great tent. No leaks and very stable in the wind.

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    I have the 8 person Alaskan and used it on a few hunts. It's a great tent, easy to set up, stable in heavy wind, no problems handling rain or snow. We used it as base camp. Quite tall in the middle, but you do need to duck through the door ways. I have fiberglass polls since I don't expect to ever carry it more than 20 feet. It can get a little hot if you get warm weather, so place it in shade. I wish they did a lighter color for the rain fly so it wouldn't absorb heat so much. I like having two entrances so we're not climbing over each other to get in and out. We put two cots and a table in it and still plenty of room.

    One thing to note. Square footage can be deceiving when looking at dome tents. The nature of the dome means the walls are sloped in slightly vs straight up. So if using cots and a table the slope of the walls means you can't maximize the floor space, so it seems smaller. I.e cot sits a foot out from the wall compared to the footprint because of the wall sloping in. My table sits almost two feet out. Make sense? Long way of saying its big, but not that big depending on how you set it up. I wouldn't want 8 people in there.

    Bought mine on sale for super cheap (club member sale). It was less than most 2 man tents at REI. I've since seen then more than once in the bargain cave at two cabelas. Thus, if not in a hurry you might find a good deal on one.



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