Last night I got my first bow. I figured the most logical target was one of the ton bales in my barn. I know when I was a kid everyone would shoot their bows at small stacks of two string bales so I figured the added density and resistance of the bigger bale would compensate for the faster bow and stop my arrow with enough sticking out to allow for an easy retrieval. As most of you not new to bow hunting like myself have guessed, I was wrong. The arrow is now embedded somewhere in the 4'x4' bale and I will have to wait until I need to break it open to feed to the horses before I can find it. The bad thing was just before I shot it my wife was telling me about her friends dad who kept loosing arrows because of hay bales and blah blah blah, I had a new bow to shoot. I figured from 25 yards or so it wouldn't be an issue. No sooner did the arrow disappear than I got the I told you so from my wife. I quickly followed it up by saying I guess I need a new target. Lightening bolts shot out of her eyes and I could tell she was strangling me with her mind when she said we couldn't afford for me to spend anymore money right now. She was right. So my question is what can I use for a target that won't cost me much if any money. I plan on getting some actual targets but I want to be able to practice with my bow between now and then. If I turn one of the bales and shoot it from the end instead of the side will it provide enough resistance? I was going to try last night but didn't want to lose another arrow in the bale. Is there something I can pick up on the cheap to put in front of a bale that will slow the arrow down enough without damaging it? All suggestions are appreciated.