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    Finally, Moose Hunting Success!

    After three trips to Wyoming, bad weather (two blizzards), bridge closures on the only road leading into the northern wilderness section, hunting for a bull that was already killed the day before I arrived, I finally took the bull of my dreams on the 15th of October. Tracked him up 1.5 miles in the fresh snow after finding his track crossing the Forest Service Road and sealed the deal at 40 yards in the heavy brush. One shot to the spine and he dropped in his tracks. Thanks go out to all those that helped...pymulies on this site, the Lander Moose biologist Stan Harter, the Lander Game Warden Brad, and my good friend from Shosone Steve Lefforge. Special thanks to my daughter, her boyfriend Dre, and my good friend George who accompanied me on these hunts. Finally taped him this morning and I was pleasantly surprised looks like he's got a chance to go Boone and Crockett...we'll see after the drying period. He grossed 142 6/8, 140 3/8 net. He's 40 3/8 wide with longest palm 25 2/8, greatest palm width of 11 3/8, with 6 6/8 bases and he's a 9X9. I'm stoked to get this nice a bull DIY!
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