Looking for a little help. I am a father of five (all 6 and under) and also a teacher/coach so my time is somewhat limited in what I can demand from the wife and work. I live in california but have the summer off to scout a unit. Looking to take a couple of my kids possibly the whole family on an Antelope hunt in a few years and looking for some help.

I am trying to find a unit in Wyoming that I can plan my 1st Antelope hunt. I looking to take a 70plus inch goat and have time to build points. I hoping to get 3-5 points and then come out during the summer to take a look around in the unit. Labor Day weekend and Veterans Day would be the best time as I get an extra day off. I have hunted my whole life and I am usually pretty successful. I put some miles in and work hard at it.
I also have one point for elk and deer and hope that after goat hunting the following year can go hunt those animals. So a place close to goat hunting that I could take off and take a look at some good deer/elk country.

Not looking for any honey hole just some basic info to narrow my search. I will hit the phones after hunting season.
I get the magazine and will look through the sections also.