I'm getting ready to head to WY to hunt mule deer with my Dad, Sister, and her boyfriend. Was just looking for any help from anybody that has hunted this area or general help for WY mule deer. We will mostly be hunting unit 40 as that is where we decided the country looked the best and had a good amount of public land. We have scouted using google earth and BLM maps and decided to camp around unit 40 so will probably hunt there mostly so we don't waste too much time driving. I've tried to call the biologist in the area and I probably waited too long as he is busy with the season underway. Has anyone had any luck yet since the season has been open in some of the areas in Region M? Will the mule deer be in the thick timber or at the base of the Bighorns or can good deer be found in the more arid open terrain, like creek draws.