I use nothing but Nosler bullets but know there are a lot of really good bullets out there. Here are some of my favorites! What do you guys use and like?

6mm Remington: 100 gr. Nosler Partition, Will try the Nosler 90 gr. Accubonds if I can ever find some on the shelves. My son's 6mm uses the 90 gr. E-tip and I've sure been impressed with that bullet. He's taken a couple antelope, and nice mule deer buck, and this year a really nice cow elk at 350 yards with one shot! I have shot one spike bull with my 6mm and the Partition bullet, again one shot. Lots of deer and antelope with this one.

25-06: 120 gr. Nosler Partition but I'm going to play with the new 110 gr. Accubond as I think it's a great bullet and is really a flat shooter. Several deer and antelope with the 25-06 & the Partition plus one spike bull.

280 Remington: 140 gr. Accubond or Partition Deer, antelope, elk all with the 140 gr. Partition. I made a mistake and sold that rifle and need to get another 280 really badly!

30-06: 165 gr. Accubond or Partition Lots of deer, antelope, elk, and a black bear.