I shoot Barnes Triple Shocks in absolutely everything! A 100 grainer in my 257 Weatherby, a 150 grainer in my 308 Win., 225 grainers in my 338-378, and 225 grainers in my 35 Whelen. I get sub-moa groups from all four guns at 100 yards and absolutely devastating on game performance. When I put the bullet where it is supposed to go I've never had an animal absorb it and stay on thier feet almost always a DRT with these bullets. In fact, when hunting elk with the big 338 I have to be careful not to shoot when there is another animal behind the targeted one. I learned the hard way on this with a one shot two cow kill. It was a complete pass through on both animals and dropped both DRT. Luckily my hunting partner had a cow tag as well. However, I must say... if you put just about any bullet in the sweet spot things die quite quickly!