What pants does everyone hunt with when it is supposed to be 40 or below for a high with snow in the forecast. Lows are in the teens. I do a lot of spot and stalk in central South Dakota and this year looks like it might get pretty nasty. We hike a TON due to the terrain. I would say on average we are putting on 10 miles or more a day. I need something that is not going to get me soaked through when walking through snow or when I stop to glass, but that it has to be light enough to hike in all day and not bulky. I have always used cotton six pocket pants in the past with gaiters if there is some snow, but this year I think I may try something different. I can't really justify the cost of the high end pants (sitka, kryptek, etc.) but I think I may want to try some out this year if I can afford it.