Something I learned a couple years back. Watch the weather as far as getting real cold. If you're there after mid November it can get below zero at night. Being from California, I was a bit naive as to how quick a deer could freeze solid. I shot a good sized mulie right at the end of shoot time. I gutted it in the dark and got it back to camp late enough, so that all i wanted to do wasvnothing but eat and sleep. Temp dropped to -10 early next morning and that deer froze up like a giant deer cicle. Like I said I gutted it but the skin and cape was still on it. I took it to a processor and they told me I they would have to wait a few days for it to thaw before they could skin it and butcher it. I was also told that if I tried to cape it frozen, there was a good chance I would wreck the mount trying to separate the skin from the frozen meat.

Needless to say I drove around for four days with the deer in my truck on an elk hunt, until the temps went back above freezing and I could cape and process. If I did it again, I would at least cape the buck while it was warm if not skin the whole animal. Then I would place the deer somewhere it was sheltered enough to keep from freezing solid. Good luck.