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    Quote Originally Posted by Bitterroot Bulls View Post
    I have been getting into hammocks. I used a Kammok Roo this past summer. I am looking at enlightened equipment under and over quilts for solo trips this year, as I found a sleeping pad and bag to be a hassle in the hammock.
    Matt if you ever try a hammock with the under quilts in cooler temps post up what you think. Another problem I had was most of the accessories add ons for the hammocks are not water proof.

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    I've had several hammocks, and have to say that they excel in the right conditions.

    I will also say that the complaints of being cold, hammock being too short, uncomfortable, etc, CAN BE OVERCOME.

    A Good hammock setup dialed for you and paired with the right top and bottom insulation will be comfortable, very fast to setup, and warm.

    Unlike a tent you've got to think of insulation in a hammock in terms of top and bottom, not just a sleeping bag. I use an EE Rev X 20 degree top quilt paired with a hammock gear 20 degree underquilt and various pads as conditions dictate.

    I'm tall and toss and turn all night, so I have a TTT Switchback. My wife is medium height and sleeps like a rock and she loves her Warbonnet blackbird.

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