Hi to all. I am new to the forum. This seems to be the best forum for the western states. I live in Georgia and have been hunting for about 20 years now. I have hunted Kansas, Arkansas, and Louisiana mostly for waterfowl. All DIY on public land. So, I am fairly familiar with crowds and how to hunt around them. Now I am wanting to hunt mule deer and elk DIY on public land. I have no experience in hunting these animals. Only deer, hogs, and turkey here in GA but I feel that I am a good hunter/outdoorsman. I have limited on turkeys for 11 years in a row, which seems to be challenging in these swamps haha. So with that being said what states should I look into for elk and mule deer on the same hunt. I have looked into all of the draw and unit situations for several states. Its all a little over whelming. Idaho seems to have the most OTC tags with the least amount of hunters. That could just be my perception. I am not looking to kill record animals, just respectable public land animals. My main focus seems to be on Idaho, but any and all advice will be appreciated. PMs are preffered