New here to the forum, but have always liked the Eastmans show and web site....Seems the info here is about what works, not whats the shiniest......So, in the past i owned an alpha pair of bino's, and didn;t realize how good they were til i sold them, and replaced with a 250.00 pair.....Not that i can't see with the cheaper ones, but with the top level ones, it was honestly like i was just closer, not even looking through bino's,,,,,,,So i've decided to go back to owning one of the top three alpha question: I am buying either the Swarovski EL 12x50's , or the Leica HD 12x50's...I live in New Mexico, and 80% of the glassing is long range...500yds to a mile or so.... (reason for the 12x)..I can get the Leica's for $2399.00 and of course the Swarovski's run right at $2800.00.....I am not bothered by the difference, just wanting to hear if one is a better hunting bino, or is it just personal choice? Thanks, sorry for the long post....rsbhunter